0xPARC is seeking a full-time person to join our operations team and support the backend finance and HR administration for the organization.

This person will play a key role in managing reimbursements and grants for our community partners; expense and payroll processing for our internal team; and recruitment and onboarding for contractors and employees.

<aside> 🌐 We are accepting applicants from all locations around the world with a slight preference for those located in Canada (EST) and other North American locations and time-zones. This is a remote position with opportunity for international travel.


Interested applicants should CLICK HERE to fill out an application.

*Only applicants advancing to phone screen/interview stage will receive a follow-up email.

About 0xPARC

0xPARC Foundation supports the development of applied cryptography and decentralized technologies. We push the limits of technology while enabling crypto researchers and developers to work in ways that are more open, thoughtful, and responsible than possible in traditional structures (companies, VCs, universities, etc).

We recruit highly-skilled technical specialists into crypto; manage and award research grants to teams working on our ecosystem-wide R&D agendas; and coordinate cross-team technical projects that involve multiple companies and research teams. Our main areas of focuses currently include zero-knowledge cryptography and autonomous world-building.

We’re a small, mission-driven team who place strong value on individuals who:

0xPARC Foundation is entirely funded by grants and donations from values-aligned organizations. Our largest supporter (and closest collaborator) is the Ethereum Foundation.

Role Responsibilities

Skills Required